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  • Spiritual TestingIn the scriptural accounts, there are many examples of men and women being tested, and I think it is plain that the Holy Spirit rarely tells a believer that he is about to be tested. Abraham was being tested when the Lord asked him to take his only son up into the mountain. He thought he was being ordered. He did not know he was being tested. Peter was unconsciously tested. Paul was tested and tried. There does come a time when we have heard enough truth and the Holy Spirit says, “Today this disciple is going to be tested.” The people of Israel in their time of testing came to Kadesh-Barnea and instead of crossing into the Promised Land, they said, “We will not go over!” God simply let them make their own test and they flunked it! Are there any among us who have an honest desire to be Christlike? We should all be aware that every day is a day of testing. Some come to their own Kadesh-Barnea and turn back. What a solemn thought—that many of the persons whom God is testing will flunk the test!
  • Seeking After TruthWe live in a mixed-up kind of world in which many people are not at all sure of what they believe or what they ought to believe. Some churches advertise that way—you do not have to believe anything; just be a seeker after truth. Some actually settle for poetry, siding with Edwin Markham who “saw his bright hand sending signals from the sun.” I, for one, never had any such signals from God. We have Bibles everywhere, and the gospel is preached faithfully. Yet men and women seek God in old altars and tombs, in dark and dusty places, and finally wind up believing that God is sending signals from the sun. Some folks get mad at me when I say that this kind of “seeking after truth” needs to be exposed. We need to double our efforts in telling the world that God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. It must be the Truth of God and the Spirit of God! Far from being an optional luxury in our Christian lives, the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit is a necessity!
  • Come As You AreLet me say this to any of you who are still trying to add up your human merits, look away in faith to the Lord of abundant mercy! Fixing yourself over and trying to straighten yourself out will never be sufficient; you must come to Jesus as you are! Our Lord told about two men who went up into the temple to pray. One said, “God, here I am—all fixed up. Every hair is in place!” The other said, “Oh God, I just crawled in off Skid Row. Have mercy on me!” God forgave the Skid Row bum but sent the other man away, hardened, unrepentant, and unforgiven. We come to Him just as we are but in humble repentance. When the human spirit comes to God knowing that anything it receives will be out of God’s mercy, then repentance has done its proper work! God promises to forgive and forget and to take that man into His heart and teach him that all of God’s kindnesses are due to His mercy. What more can a sinner ask?
  • Knowing His PresenceDo not try to short-circuit God’s plans for your discipleship and spiritual maturity. If you and I were already prepared for heaven in the moment of our conversion, God would have taken us home instantly! We must remember that God exists in Himself. His holy nature is such that we cannot comprehend Him with our minds. He is of a substance not shared by any other being. Hence, God can be known only as He reveals Himself! I have found this to be a fact: every redeemed human being needs the humility of spirit that can only be brought about by the manifest Presence of God. This mysterious yet gracious Presence is the air of life eternal. It is the music of existence, the poetry of the Christian life. It is the beauty and wonder of being one of Christ’s own—a sinner born again, regenerated, created anew to bring glory to God! To live surrounded by this sense of God is not only beautiful and desirable but also imperative!
  • Not Ready For Heaven?I can safely say on the authority of all that is revealed in the Word of God that any man or woman on this earth who is bored and turned off by worship is not ready for heaven! Now, I can almost hear someone saying, “Is Tozer getting away from justification by faith?” I assure you that Martin Luther never believed in justification by faith more strongly than I do. But nowadays, there is a deadly, automatic quality about getting saved. This bothers me greatly: “Sinner, just put a nickel’s worth of faith in the slot, pull down the lever, and take out the little card of salvation.” Tuck it in your wallet and off you go—a justified believer! But really, my brother or sister, we are brought to God and to faith and to salvation that we might worship. We do not come to God that we might be automatic Christians stamped out with a dye! God has provided His salvation that we might be individually and personally vibrant children of God, loving God with all our heart and worshiping Him in the beauty of holiness!


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