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  • Eternity In Our HeartsThe only reason that men and women can be saved is the fact that God has put eternity in our hearts! Man is fallen—yes! Man is lost, a sinner and needs to be born again—yes! But God made man in His own image, and He keeps the longing after eternity and a desire after everlasting life there within the hearts of men. What, then, is the matter with man? Like the lion in the cage, he paces back and forth and roars to the heavens before he dies. I think this is the truth: we are disturbed because God has put everlastingness in our hearts. He has put a longing for immortality in our beings, something that demands God and heaven. Yet, we are too blind and sinful to find Him or even to look for Him! As Christian witnesses, we must be faithful and timely in our preaching and teaching. There is a note of warning in this—telling men and women why they are lost and that if they will not repent they will certainly perish!
  • The Spiritual EssenceWe who are the disciples of Jesus Christ often need to be reminded that God is allowing us to live on two planes at the same time. He lets us live in this religious plane, where there are preachers and song leaders and choirs, teachers and evangelists—and that is religion. It is actually "religion in overalls""the external part of religion, and it has its own place in God's work and plan. But beyond that and superior to all of the externals in our religious experience is the spiritual essence of it all! It is that spiritual essence that I want to see enthroned in our communion and fellowship in the Church of Jesus Christ! We need the caution that much theology, much Bible teaching, and many Bible conferences begin and end in themselves. They circle fully around themselves, but when everyone goes home, no one is any better than he was before. We sorely need this caution about holding truth that begins and ends in itself. The danger is that we teach and live so that truth is given no opportunity of moral expression!
  • Christ Glorified In UsThe Bible tells us that eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of men, the things that God has laid up for those who love Him! That is why the apostle goes on to remind us that God has revealed these mysteries to us by the Holy Spirit. Oh, if we would only stop trying to make the Holy Spirit our servant and begin to live in His life as the fish lives in the sea, we would enter into the riches of glory about which we know nothing now. Too many of us want the Holy Spirit in order to have some gift—healing or tongues or preaching or prophecy. Yes, these have their place in that total pattern of the New Testament, but let us ever pray that we may be filled with the Spirit for a secondary purpose! Remember, God wants to fill you with His Spirit as an end in your moral life. God's purpose is that we should know Him first of all, and be lost in Him; and that we should enter into the fullness of the Spirit that the eternal Son, Jesus Christ, may be glorified in us!
  • Lord Of Our LivingI have studied the New Testament enough to know that our Lord Jesus Christ never made the sharp distinctions between "secular" and "sacred" that we do! I think it is wrong to place our physical necessities on one side and put praying, singing, giving, Bible reading, and testifying on the other. When we are living for the Lord and living to please and honor Him, eating our breakfast can be just as spiritual as having our family prayers. There is no reason for a committed Christian to apologize, "Lord, I am awfully sorry but you know I have to eat now. I will be with you again just as soon as I am through." Well, we have a better way than that in our living for God, and we see as we consider His feeding of the 5,000 the meaning of His Lordship. Jesus Christ is Lord—Lord of our bread and Lord of our eating and Lord of our sleeping, and Lord of our working! Brethren, our Lord is with us, sanctifying everything we do, provided it is honest and good.
  • Christ Receives SinnersWhat a gracious thing for us that Jesus Christ never thinks about what we have been. He always thinks about what we are going to be! The Savior who is our Lord cares absolutely nothing about your moral case history. He forgives it and starts from there as though you had been born one minute before. The woman of Samaria met our Lord at the well, and we ask, "Why was Jesus willing to reveal so much more about Himself in this setting than He did in other encounters during His ministry?" You and I would never have chosen this woman with such a shadow lying across her life, but Jesus is the Christ of God, and He could sense the potential within her innermost being. He gave her the secret of His Messiahship and the secret of the nature of God. Her frankness and her humility appealed to the Savior as they talked of man's need and the true worship of God by the Spirit of God. In Jesus' day, His critics said in scorn: "This man receives sinners!" They were right, and He lived and died and rose again to prove it. The blessed part is this: He is still receiving sinners!


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